Plenty of Fish

Published January 20, 2012 by joannabolouri

Hooray for online dating! Who the fuck needs romance when you can be ridiculously picky and specify what you want from another human being, even down to their eye colour. Hitler would have used this site if he wasn’t so busy being a prick. Then of course you can immediately reject them based on a stupid photograph, when in reality they’re probably kind, funny and have impressive genitalia.

So, Plenty of Fish is one of the more popular dating sites, and by ‘popular’ I mean that it’s free, there is no vetting process and it’s like looking through 700,000 profiles from people who would quite happily set you on fire.

On the male side you have highly original taglines, for example:

‘Looking to meat someone.’  (sinister)

‘Who’s out there!‘ (Is this a question or a fact?)

‘Left prison for good’ (Stayed in prison for evil?)

‘Has someone taken your faith? It’s real’ (What does this even mean?)

‘Is there any decent ones left?’ (Yes but we’re all at that grammar party.)

And on the female side…

‘Iv had enough I’m done’ (Enough of what? Of life? Nandos? Using an e at the end of I’ve?)

‘ i bought a new pair of shoes…….;)’ (Informative.)

‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on.‘  (*stunned*)

‘It could be youuuuuuu!‘ (Are you a ghost?)

Three days on this site was enough for me. I’m not even linking it.

Verdict -0.0003/5

Use another site. I beg you.

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