Criminal Minds

Published January 21, 2012 by joannabolouri

Crime fighting and that.

Look!! Lots of sexy clever people who saves lives and even put their own lives at risk to catch bad guys by being really clever and sexy.

Actually, this is slightly unfair, the writing in this show is outstanding, as is the acting. However, IN MY HEAD  IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS:

Hotch – “Everyone we have a new case. I may be serious today. Stop thinking about me in Dharma and Greg.  Yes. I will be serious. Quiet you.”

Reid– “I’m going to talk about numerology while you look at my beautiful face. I used to model you know. Fuck I’m handsome. …No, pretty…. No… Handsome.”

Gideon – “The unsub was sighed at by his mother when he was twelve. This caused him to be a complete bastard to women who regularly exhale. Actually fuck this. I’m going to that new show with Claire Danes. I get to grow a beard. No, Mandy is not exclusively girl’s name.”

Morgan – “I am going to look at you with my eyes.  I am also handsome. I’m the least convincing profiler here but you don’t care do you? Look at my guns. Lick me.”

Garcia – “I AM THE TOKEN CURVY WOMAN! THEY MAKE ME FUNNIER THAN THE SKINNY CHICKS! But you think less of me. Don’t you? I’ll never get Morgan, men either shoot me or I get lumbered with Xander from Buffy.”

JJ – “I look younger than everyone. I don’t even know how old I am. ”

Prentiss- “Reid, you can talk to me. It’s me. Morgan, you can also talk to me. Don’t talk to me.  I’m dead now…..WAIT….. Now I’m back. I WAS IN PARIS. But that’s classified.”

American writers kick our arse when it comes to this stuff.

Verdict – 4/5


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