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It’s a common misconception that you’ll get a better class of person on a ‘paid for’ dating site, or perhaps someone who’s more serious about a relationship, than those maniacs on free sites who may as well  just jump up and down on the spot shouting “SHAG ME I HAVE NO MONEY OR SOCIAL SKILLS!”  The truth is, people will pay on some sites and also post on free sites too so I’d check out the free ones first as I’ve seen the same users on both OK Cupid and Match.com.

Anyway, one of those many, many free sites is OkCupid. Looks wise this isn’t too bad and a million times better than that abomination from hell, Plenty of Fish which you can read about here if you haven’t already.

It’s slightly more laid back than a lot of other sites but the thing that bothers me about this site is the 400,000 questions you can answer to compare with potential partner’s answers and see if you’re compatible. The questions are both pointless and stupid. Then they rate you a ‘match’ a ‘friend’ or an ‘enemy.’ I like the enemy part though and hope there’s some sort of battle involved if you decide to meet up with rewards unlocked at the end.

Some of the questions you can answer:

Do you wear expensive designer clothes?  – No. Buy me some and I shall.

Are some sex acts with consenting adults inherently wrong or immoral? Assume no unusual risk of injury – WTF?

Would you date someone who still lives with his/her parents? Only if they were about to inherit the massive house their parents owned.

People who like RECEIVING anal sex are – fucking awesome.

Have you recently had a psychotic break?. -Actually that isn’t a question but it should be.

Profile wise, people on here tend to be a lot happier and mentally healthier than on POF but you still get this kind of thing…

The Lads

‘Currently working for the world’s largest cheese producer’ – Oh my.

‘Given up with this whole online dating malarkey. Clearly doesn’t work :)’ – But you’ve put that on an online dati….Oh you.

My default setting is ‘courteously defferential’, although the blinkered, myopic, condescending and arrogant tend to find this changes quickly.’ – Oh give me a fucking break.

‘I’m not a total  ***tard’– Custard? Mustard? I KNOW I KNOW LEOTARD! What do I win?

The Ladies

‘Don’t message me, I don’t want to talk to you. – ‘ But I have things that need to be said…

My favourite word in the English language is “meadow” – aw, mine is ‘cunt.’… We’ll never be truly happy.

‘I’m really good at – stamina’ Um. Right then.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit?- those were the droids I was looking for.’ Yeah, this is from mine. I’m sorry.

So in conclusion, this actually isn’t a bad dating site at all. I’ve met one brilliant fella on here and we’re friends now but I’ll hang around for a while in case someone signs on and knocks my socks right off.

Verdict – 4/5


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