Facebook Fail.

Published January 28, 2013 by joannabolouri

So tonight I saw a picture on Facebook which disturbed me. It was posted on a page which embraced all things distasteful in the name of humour by trolls who get their kicks doing this.  The picture showed a young woman, bound and gagged, looking frightened and underneath it said ‘It’s not rape. if she really didn’t want to she’d have said no.’  So the ‘gag’ was actually the fact she was wearing a gag. How clever.

I reported it to Facebook who had a look and then replied saying it wasn’t violating their terms of service. Hmm. Don’t forget that they removed breastfeeding photos not so long ago. It seems tits are offensive unless they’ve accidentally fallen out of the top of some drunk girl who’s now being ‘bantered’ to fuck by Unilad.

Twitter seemed to agree with me except for the small minority who decided that freedom of speech means anyone can say what they like and if you try to censor it, then FUCK YOU.  As long as they can stick it on a lighthearted meme, everything is fair game –  rape, child abuse, murder, cot death….

This isn’t a post in which I’ll go into why rape jokes are wrong. There are people much better than me to do this.

This isn’t a post where I’ll try to explain how horrific rape is and how triggering ‘jokes’ like  this can be for victims.

This is a post where I’ll say FUCK YOU right back.

I refuse to bring up my daughter in a society where this is seen as acceptable and sit back and say nothing. Apparently Facebook cannot regulate children creating accounts, allow people to post videos of bestiality or beheadings for kicks and allow the trolls to sit back and laugh as we’re genuinely affected by this.  They have the right to do this.

Somewhere someone seems to have forgotten that people have THE RIGHT not to see this.  

I feel sad as a parent, as a woman and as a fucking human being that this is what we’re being fed this shit by those who have become numb and who are void of any kind of compassion. We haven’t and once these images get into your head, they’re very difficult to get out. Who the fuck gave anyone the right to do this?

Facebook is a site to bore people with your endless stream of baby pictures, speak to people you secretly hate and spy on folk you’re jealous of – end of.  If you want to shock, promote rape jokes, watch people dying, whatever, that’s your right but fuck off to 4chan and do it.

The internet is a big place; take your right to be an utter prick and go play somewhere else.

2 comments on “Facebook Fail.

  • Can you tell which page it was on?

    I used to belong to a group on Facebook called “The Watchers”. We dedicated ourselves to taking down pages like this. When Facebook adopted their policy of “Anything goes so long as you say ‘LOL JK'”, I tried to move their direction to one more of financial activism.

    Taking a key from my opposition to The Rock’s “Win A Wife” competition we had here in NZ, we started contacting advertisers and sponsored ads that appeared on the page, advising companies that Facebook are putting them in a position of supporting and condoning rape, and imploring them to pull their advertising.

    In many cases this worked. And I’d like to get back into this and start fighting again.

    I tried finding the page by going through the “It’s Not….” Pages but they were just too many to find the one that had this pic.

    Happy for you to email me the details.

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