Things I’ve promised my daughter.

Published August 9, 2013 by joannabolouri
  • I promise I will not make my body issues yours.
  • I will tell you every day how important you are, even when you’re not listening.
  • I will listen when you have something to say. Even when it’s about Moshi Monsters for the 400th  time.
  • I will not say no for no reason: there will always be a reason and I’ll tell you why.
  • I will answer your questions truthfully, unless it’s about Santa, the Tooth Fairy or magical horses. Then I will lie to you.
  • I will get involved if I see you struggling and I’ll support you until you stop.
  • I promise I will make you laugh loudly at least once a day.
  • I will help you understand that everyone is equal, even when people try to convince you otherwise.
  • I will never ask you to be anything other than yourself.

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