Mud Cake and Magic

Published August 25, 2014 by joannabolouri


Early one morning, with eyes all bloodshot

A witch stared into her empty black pot

‘Frog’s coming to tea, I’ll make a surprise

But what does a frog eat, other than flies?’

Scabby the cat looked up from his bed

And with one eye open he grumpily said

‘You can’t cook and your cakes are quite tragic

If I were you I’d try and use magic.’

The witch scowled at Scabby but knew it was true

So she reached for her spell book, all dusty and blue.

‘What should I try? What would do well?

Perhaps he likes mud cake – let’s look for a spell.’

She put on her glasses and turned the pages

‘There’s so many,’ she thought, ‘this is going to take ages.’

When at last she saw ‘MUD CAKE’ and with a smile on her face

She put on her apron of cobwebs and lace.

The spell looked quite simple and she read it aloud

‘First I need raindrops, straight from a cloud.’

Said Scabby the cat, as he pricked up an ear

‘Go get your broomstick and I’ll wait right here.’

So off went the witch up into the sky

Squeezing some raindrops from a cloud nearby

Into the pot the raindrops splashed

And next on the list was a lightning flash.

‘Shame it’s not stormy.’ Scabby said with a sneer

The witch thought for a second, then had an idea

‘The Wizard keeps some in a jar on the shelf

I’m sure he won’t miss one, I’ll get it myself.’

She flew miles to the castle that stood by the lake

The witch thought, ‘All this for one muddy cake?’

She knocked on the door and the Wizard appeared

‘Come in!’ he said softly, ‘I know why you’re here.’

She took the flash and tied it on tightly

Then hugged the Wizard and thanked him politely

Off she went quickly, back to her house

Next on the list was a squeak from a mouse.

The mouse in the cellar, she asked, with a please

And he gladly helped out in return for some cheese

So the squeak and the flash went into the pot

And last on the list was mud – boiling hot.

She dug in the garden collecting the mud

Then plopped it into the pot with a thud.

As it boiled and bubbled, Scabby sighed and stood up

‘If that splashes on me, you’re cleaning it up.’

There were magic words which had to be read

Exactly as written but were easily said:

Make me a mud cake and make it right here!

Scabby said dryly, ‘It’s hardly Shakespeare.’

A puff of smoke was all that followed

And there on the table a mud cake wallowed.

Just then the Frog hopped through the door

Witch picked him up gently, off of the floor.

‘I’ve made you cake’ she said, quite proudly

Frog looked at the cake and said rather loudly

‘A cake you say? It had better be nice.’

‘How rude!’ though the witch and cut him a slice.

The frog ate the cake and started to wince

‘Did you know that I used to be a great Prince?’

‘I expected much better, not this sloppy goo!!’

Witch kicked the frog hard with the front of her shoe.

Scabby laughed so much he started to shake

But soon he was wearing the rest of the cake.

The witch looked at the frog and the cat then groaned

And with a wave of her wand turned them both into stone.

‘I’ll return you to normal when I’ve had my tea

That’ll teach you to be mean to me.’

She invited the wizard to share the food

While the naughty pair wished they hadn’t been rude.

So next time a witch asks you to tea

It’s probably best to say thank you and please.

It’s never advised to make the mistake

Of being unkind whilst eating her cake.

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