Stupid dream #1

Published March 20, 2016 by joannabolouri

You know when you have a really weird dream and you tell someone about it and they’re all I don’t give a fuck about your stupid dream?  Well, you are about to be that person.

So I’m on a sales conference with people I’ve never seen before and we’re all sharing bedrooms on a boat. On the way there I buy some mineral-powder make-up and Christian Slater is my boss. Understandably excited by this, I decided to try and get his attention using GQ and Loaded magazines but he isn’t overly impressed.

We head to the meeting where there are unexplained Chinese acrobats in the conference room and we all cheer.

After the meeting, I show Christian Slater my dancing skills. Again he’s unimpressed but does quite like the fire I lit on the carpet.

On the boat ride home, a woman tries to sell me the same make up I’ve already bought. I tell her that I have some and she calls me a liar. When I show her the proof she informs me that Melissa McCarthy sold me fake powder made from pigskin and I feel foolish.







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