Dating and Social Media

Published November 28, 2016 by joannabolouri

Being active on both social media and dating sites is tricky. Recently I’ve stumbled across two married men on Tinder, a guy who hates me, a guy I ghosted years ago and someone who was a prick to a mate of mine.  I don’t want to deal with any of this information.

giphy (1)

When you tweet as much as I do (every waking minute of the day and sometimes during nightmares) you get to know your compadres pretty well. I say ‘compadres’ what I really mean is folk who haven’t discovered they hate you yet.  So what happens when you see one of these people on a dating site? What’s the etiquette? Do you shout HAI! ARE YOU LONELY TOO?? over private message or do you keep on scrolling and give them some private time? It’s bothering me.

Would I want someone I didn’t know in person to be all ‘HA. You can’t get laid either then?’ or would I prefer they ignored me?

But what if I fancied them and they didn’t say hi and then I’d be on Twitter like ‘fuck you for not fancying me’ and mentally disliking all their tweets before soft blocking them into oblivion. I had a date with a guy from Twitter and it was in my top ten funniest dates ever,  only to discover his enthusiasm to meet me again was at a minus.


Understandable, BUT STILL. I haven’t quite forgiven his good judgement.

I think there’s part of me that would like to date someone not on Twitter but then WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DATE SOMEONE WHO ISN’T FUN? Twitter has GIFS ffs.


No idea where I’m going with this one.


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