Relight My Fire

Published May 31, 2018 by joannabolouri

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Things that happen when you’re the only single friend left.

Published July 20, 2017 by joannabolouri

It finally happened. At the ripe old age of thirty-nine I became that person. It’s quite the accomplishment, non?  But what happens next? Well, I’m glad none of you asked because I’m going to tell you.

You become the infamous Third Wheel.

Behold! Gather round and witness the awkward shuffling of a person who has no-one but still requires human company at social events.


You will be forgotten about

It’s true and you know it’s true because when you were in a relationship, you did it too. It’s natural, especially in the early stages.  Just remember to check in on your last single mate from time to time in case they have choked to death on their own boredom.


You will be useful when they’re free

You’ll become the party friend when they’re not padlocked to their other half for the evening but it’s ok; they’ll spend this time talking about them so it’ll feel like they’re there anyway.


You have no one to pull with

You’re going to have to do it sober and alone. Fucking hell.


They will say stupid things to make you feel better

I can’t believe you’re still single.

Why? You’ve met me, right?

You should get on Tinder.

You should get to fuck.

You’ll meet someone when you least expect it.

I least expect it right now and it isn’t happening, is it fuckface?

You’re better off single.

Says the person who isn’t and has no immediate plans to be single.

giphy (4).gif


You’ll convince yourself that you’ll die alone

Because that’s what happens when no one shags you. Death.  Death and cobwebs.

giphy (2).gif

You start trying too hard

Everywhere becomes a hunting ground when you’re in full panic mode.

  • Maybe you’ll meet someone in the supermarket.
  • Maybe you’ll meet someone at the cash-point. Maybe after they rob you, you’ll laugh about it and get a latte.
  • Maybe you’ll meet someone at the MacDonald’s drive-thru at 3am who also hates themselves.

Just maybe (you won’t)

 giphy (3).gif

You stop trying completely.

If you’ve been single for years, you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s for a reason. Because you know you better than anyone else and even you wouldn’t date you.



It doesn’t matter though because you have your health, your winning personality and your friends….oh.

Never mind.



Published January 22, 2017 by joannabolouri
  • Hate Tinder?
  • Failed to get a fumble on Bumble? (OMG SEE WHAT I DID THERE)
  • Sunk low enough to go on Plenty of Fish?

OK, I’ll stop now.

Apart from a brief moment with someone (you know who you are)


my love life has been non-existent for the longest time.  It’s true that this might be 85% my fault for being a bit well, me but I blame the other 15% on online dating. It’s miserable. It’s like a ‘choose your own murderer game’ or at the very least, a game of ‘which of these profiles look like they weren’t written by Donald Trump’.

So what are the alternatives? I’ve been researching and these seem to be the most common:


The Gym

Really? I want my first impression to be me beetroot faced, hairline dripping into my cleavage,  gasping for breath while an exercise bike slowly chafes away at my foof? I don’t want to be approached at the gym, in fact, I DON’T EVEN WANT TO GO TO THE BASTARD GYM; PEOPLE WHO GO TO THE GYM ARE THERE.



First Dates

It’s certainly an option. Being on telly, might be fun, right? However, trying to find love while the whole of Twitter decide whether you’re a good guy or a wank is a little scary. I’d be the one with food stuck between her teeth and no one tells her.




Take a class.

This always sounds promising. Meet someone who likes the same stuff you do! You do however run the risk of paying for an 8 weeks French cookery class surrounded by twenty women who all had the same idea as you.




The Pub

This is the only place I’ve had any kind of success but everyone involved has been pissed and guided by genitalia.  Also you have to brave. You have to march up to someone and communicate with them without typing. Your face is your emoji. Probably the winky one that’s lame as fuck.



God I hate this shit.